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The Bong Bong Track

The Common is designated a place of passive recreation for the people of Wingecarribee Shire. In 2000, a concrete cycleway was constructed along the Wingecarribee River from the Moss Vale Road entrance to the Common to Railway Avenue Burradoo. Running for three kilometres, the cycleway has become a favourite place for walkers, runners and cyclists. Children can ride their bikes in safety and dogs on leashes can enjoy a run with their owners.

Hay Making

Wingecarribee Council derives substantial benefit from the Common by cutting hay from the site for use at the council-operated Livestock Saleyards. High yields have resulted from pasture improvement without compromising the cultural and heritage significance of the area.

Regeneration of the Riparian Zone

From 1996, various groups including local Landcare, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Wingecarribee Council's Bushcare team and school groups have undertaken revegetation projects. Native trees, shrubs and grasses have been planted along the riverbank, largely using seed collected from remnant bushland in the area. Where this local plant material was unavailable, plants recommended in the Wingecarribee Biodiversity Strategy were used.

Centenary of Federation Planting

In the north-eastern corner of the Bong Bong Common site, mixed planting of exotic tree species was undertaken as part of a Wingecarribee Shire-wide tree planting to commemorate the Centenary of Federation in 2001. Representatives from schools and community groups throughout the shire were invited to plant trees. The landscape plan for the area was prepared by local horticulturist, Charlotte Webb.